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In trying to make sense of the universe, scientists have classified everything that exists into two broad categories: matter and energy.  Simply stated, matter can be thought of as “stuff” and energy is “the stuff that moves stuff.”  Matter is anything made of atoms and molecules; it has mass and takes up space.  Even though matter can be found all over the Universe, you only find it in a few forms.  There are five types, or “states of matter”: solids, liquids, gases, plasma and the BEC.

Matter can change from one state to another.  One way is called a “physical change.” which usually occurs when energy is either added or taken away.  Physical changes do not form new products and are reversible.  The other way is called a "chemical change" which involves chemical reactions, the creation of new products and is typically irreversible.

We've assembled a collection of science items we hope you'll find both educational and entertaining...and we'll have answers to burning questions like, “Can you name all the Froot Loop Flavors?

Monday, September 4th

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Saturday, September 9th

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